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COSWIN: Archive & History

Posted on 2011-11-21

The history module is one of the richest resources of maintenance. It is from this module that you have all the elements to make...

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COSWIN: Workload management

Posted on 2011-10-24

COSWIN planning is flexible and powerful: a plan can be theoretical (for what-if type situations) or a practical plan.The problem: To...

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COSWIN: Automated jobs

Posted on 2011-07-31

COSWIN’s Automated Jobs module can be used to realize automatic planning and automatic release for those regular PM works such as...

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COSWIN customization tools in action: Free Modules and resource editor

Posted on 2011-06-29

Most of our customers do not imagine the almost unlimited possibilities offered by COSWIN to adjust their system, almost beyond...

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COSWIN: Reports & BI

Posted on 2011-05-30

This article features the often underutilized reporting and business intelligence capabilities of our CMMS COSWIN and the embedded Crystal...

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COSWIN: Integration tools

Posted on 2011-04-29

This months tips & tricks highlights the powerful integration capability of COSWIN, a toolbox offering various ways to interface our...

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