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Siveco’s mid-size customers in China (Part 1)

This month’s Customer Story provides glimpses into some of Siveco’s small-to-mid size customers that benefit from our prepackaged approach to CMMS.


Lenze Drive Systems (Shanghai)


Lenze Drive Systems is a global specialist in drive and automation technologies, with a production plant located in Shanghai Lingang Heavy Equipment Zone.


As the factory expands with new and more complex machines, Lenze launched a maintenance improvement project based on the CMMS implementation. Although most maintenance is done by equipment suppliers, it is critical for the plant team to build-up its own know-how database, to remain in control of the maintenance strategy.


The project went “live” in November 2013 and has entered a 1-year improvement phase.


Marchesi Metal Tech (Suzhou)


Marchesi Metal Tech, located in the Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), specializes in die-casting components for the telecom and electro-mechanical industries.


Marchesi initiated a comprehensive maintenance improvement program, comprising expert services provided by Siveco and support from the CMMS as a structuring tool for all activities.


The project started in September 2013 and is currently in its busiest phase.


Alcoa Fastening Systems (Suzhou)


Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS), a subsidiary of aluminum giant Alcoa, operates two facilities producing aerospace and industrial fasteners in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park).


AFS selected Siveco to establish a sustainable maintenance organization through the introduction of a computerized maintenance management system. The key objective was to help the plant pass the strict Airbus qualification criteria.


The project is currently under Enhanced Maintenance Contract.


Fives Cryo (Taicang)


Fives Cryo manufactures brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers in Taicang.


As production volume increased, Fives Cryo needed to move from constant firefighting mode to planned maintenance. A CMMS was needed to collect all necessary data for decision making.


Fives Cryo has been under Siveco’s Enhanced Maintenance Contract since August 2012 and has achieved consistent improvement ever since. A case study has been written: “Practical maintenance improvement supports production ramp-up at leading heat exchangers manufacturer“.


SIP Sino French Environment Technology (Suzhou)


SIP Sino French Environment Technology is a JV operating the state-of-the-art sludge treatment plant of the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou.


The plant decided to implement a modern maintenance system based on Sino French Water group standards, incorporating maintenance best practices for the water treatment industry.


The project was completed in 3 months (Go Live in March 2013) and is currently under support together with other Sino French Water JVs in China.


This article will continue next month with more short storied of mid-size Siveco China clients, including Trolli Guangzhou Confectionery, Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding, Essilor Laos, Karlsson Spools Precision Machining, Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation, etc.


For more information on any of the customer stories above and to see how we could help your company, do not hesitate to contact us at


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