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Overview of projects launched in 2013 (Part 1)

After we published a short 2013 recap in our January newsletter, some readers asked for more information about our new customers. This month’s Customer article will introduce our most interesting 2013 deals focused on discrete manufacturing and facility management (note that only projects started in 2013 are listed here). Projects in other the process industry segment will be featured next month.


Alcoa Fastening System (Suzhou)
Discrete Manufacturing


Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS), a subsidiary of aluminum giant Alcoa, operates two facilities producing aerospace and industrial fasteners in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park).


AFS selected Siveco to establish a sustainable maintenance organization through the introduction of a computerized maintenance management system. The key objective was to help the plant pass the strict Airbus qualification criteria.


The project is currently under Enhanced Maintenance Contract.


Lenze Drive Systems (Shanghai)
Discrete Manufacturing


Lenze Drive Systems is a global specialist in drive and automation technologies, with a production plant located in Shanghai Lingang Heavy Equipment Zone.


As the factory expands with new and more complex machines, Lenze launched a maintenance improvement project based on the CMMS implementation. Although most maintenance is done by equipment suppliers, it is critical for the plant team to build-up its own know-how database, to remain in control of the maintenance strategy.


The project went “live” in November 2013 and has entered a 1-year improvement phase.


Marchesi Metal Tech (Suzhou)
Discrete Manufacturing


Marchesi Metal Tech, located in the Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), specializes in die-casting components for the telecom and electro-mechanical industries.


Marchesi initiated a comprehensive maintenance improvement program, comprising expert services provided by Siveco and support from the CMMS as a structuring tool for all activities.


The project started in September 2013 and is currently in its busiest phase.


Essilor Laos
Discrete Manufacturing


Starting production in the third quarter of 2013, the new Essilor plant in Laos will manufacture polycarbonate eyeglass lenses, a type of optical lenses highly resistant to impact and particularly adapted for children.


Essilor selected Siveco China to implement the Coswin Light CMMS in a highly cost-efficient way, to help built the plant’s maintenance organization in time before production start.


The project has entered data collection phase from December 2013 with Siveco team in Laos and will go live in Q1 2014.


Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies (FECT)
Discrete Manufacturing – Automotive


Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies (FECT) is the global market leader in emissions control for light and commercial vehicles alike. It develops and manufactures exhaust systems and components, with 14 production sites in China (out of 35 for all Faurecia divisions).


Siveco conducted maintenance assessments at two FECT factories in Shanghai and Wuhan, providing improvement recommendations to the company’s management team.


The project was conducted in November and December 2013, in cooperation with Shanghai University’s Sino-European School of Technology.


Facility Management – Technical Services


Chongqing Cofely Gient Energy Management Company provides technical services for industrial plants and facilities such as shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and public buildings, in order to improve energy efficiency.


The company selected bluebee®, primarily to support its aggressive growth strategy with efficient management tools, allowing the company to quickly build up its best practices in energy management and maintenance services.


The project has entered its testing phase, with Go Live scheduled for the beginning of Q2 2014.


Facility Management – Retail


Leading international cosmetic retailer Sephora operates close to 150 stores in China, has selected Siveco to deploy a Facilities Management (FM) solution to support its growing nationwide operation.


Provided in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, the FM solution is entirely managed by Siveco and rented on a per-store per-month basis. Involving no capital expenditure, the SaaS model also presents obvious advantages in terms of IT administration.


The system will be used by store personnel and FM teams nationwide, as well as by third-party contractors. The project is currently in its system configuration phase and will be operational in Q2 2014.


The second part of this article was published in March’s newsletter, featuring our 2013 contracts in the process industry.


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