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Overview of projects launched in 2013 (Part 2)

Last month’s Customer Story introduced our most interesting 2013 deals focused on discrete manufacturing and facility management. This month we will feature projects in the process industry segment.


Arkema Thiochemicals (Malaysia)
Process Industry – Chemicals


Siveco China was selected to provide maintenance engineering services for a new 450MUSD petrochemical plant built in Malaysia by specialty chemical leader Arkema, in cooperation with Korean biochemical producer CJ CheilJedang.


The project scope included the build-up of functional and equipment structures for the plant’s SAP Plant Maintenance system. The project was completed in time, well before plant startup.


Siveco had previously provided maintenance consulting services for Arkema sites in China, including Arkema Changshu (the company’s biggest site worldwide) and Arkema Hydrogen Peroxide (Shanghai).


Trolli (Guangzhou)
Process Industry – Food


Trolli Confectionery is one of the largest candy producers in the world, with its plant located in Guangzhou.


The plant’s General Manager initiated the CMMS project to replace the previous paper records, with a primary focus on spare parts stock (avoiding out-of-date and inaccurate stock information) and KPIs to measure maintenance performance.


The project is under Enhanced Support Phase since July 2013.


Tianyu Oleochemical Company (Sichuan)
Process Industry – Chemicals


Oleo-chemical producer Tianyu selected Siveco to deploy the bluebee® inspection management system in its plant located in Luzhou, Sichuan province.


Project goals included to improve inspection and predictive maintenance, to support decision-making by using KPIs generated by the system and to help standardizing work practices to ensure plant safety.


bluebee® went live at the plant in November 2013 and is currently under enhanced support.


Bukit Asam’s Banjarsari Power Plant (Indonesia)
Process Industry – Power Generation


Siveco was selected to deliver a turn-key CMMS for the new 2x135MW coal-fired power plant under construction by Indonesian state-owned coal company Bukit Asam.


The project, conducted in partnership with Chinese EPC company CNEEC and automation supplier ABB, is made of three main phase: data preparation, CMMS configuration, delivery onsite.


The system is currently under final configuration. A detailed review of the first phase of the project was published in a previous newsletter.


San-Dia Polymers (Nantong)
Process Industry – Chemicals


San-Dia Polymers, a Japanese producer of superabsorbent polymers (“SAP”), has selected Siveco’s mobile solution bluebee® to manage inspections at its Nantong plant.


The Nantong plant, stated in 2003, is currently planning its fourth expansion to bring the total manufacturing capacity to 230,000 tons per year in 2015, to meet rapidly growing demand for SAP used in disposable diapers in China and other emerging countries.


The bluebee® project (on tablet and industrial mobiles) was launched in December 2013 and is currently ongoing.


Saint Gobain Pipelines (Xuzhou)
Process Industry – Iron & Steel


Saint Gobain Pipelines, a manufacturer of ductile iron pipes in Xuzhou (Jiangsu province), is deploying bluebee® mobile solution “for the worker of tomorrow”.


Saint Gobain Pipelines will use bluebee® on industrial-grade Android smartphones. bluebee® will be integrated with the existing Coswin CMMS using the standard bluebee® sync platform (part of bluebee® cloud). Coswin has been running for many years at the plant (see case study).


The project is currently ongoing, with an initial Go Live planned at the beginning of Q2 2014, followed by an improvement phase.


SCIP Sino French Water Development (Shanghai)
Process Industry – Waste & Water


SCIP Sino French Water Development, the operator of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park’s water infrastructure, has selected the bluebee® inspection solution.


SCIP Sino French has been using Siveco’s CMMS Coswin for many years (see Case Study), a successful project which has led to the signing of a corporate agreement with Siveco covering the entire Sino French Water operation in China (nearly 30 joint ventures).


SCIP Sino French will run bluebee® on Android mobile phones, integrated with Coswin. The project started in Q3 2013 and is currently ongoing.


SCIP SITA Waste Services (Shanghai)
Process Industry – Waste & Water


SCIP SITA Waste Services operates a hazardous waste incineration processing plant in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. Siveco has been working with this plant from the construction stage (see Case Study), as well as with the company’s other incinerator in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


SCIP SITA has selected the bluebee® solution, integrated with the COSWIN back-office system via bluebee® sync. Siveco also delivers the explosion-proof ATEX-certified handheld devices running Windows Mobile.


The project started in Q3 2013 and is currently ongoing.


Ain Arnat Combined Cycle Power Plant (Algeria)
Process Industry – Power Generation


Siveco China was selected to deliver its CMMS Coswin for the 3x400MW Ain Arnat combined-cycle gas turbine power plant currently under construction in Algeria. Owned by Algerian state-run power company SPE, the Ain Arnat power plant will start production in 2016.


Siveco China is working alongside the EPC (a South Korean consortium consisting of Daewoo International, Hyundai Engineering and Hyundai Engineering & Construction) and its DCS supplier (Yokogawa Korea) to setup and implement the CMMS, including data preparation.


Most work until FAT will take place in Korea and China, with final delivery onsite in Algeria with Siveco’s local partner. The CMMS is currently at design stage and data collection activities have already been launched.


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