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Siveco’s experience in infrastructure projects worldwide

After a long series of China-based case studies (all of them available on our website), we are sometimes receiving curious questions such as “don’t you have references abroad?” As a result, even though this newsletter is dedicated to “maintenance in China”, we have decided to publish a special Customer Story covering projects in other countries. This article presents an overview of Siveco’s vast experience in infrastructure projects all over the world.


With its root in electric power utilities (first customers were French utilities EDF – Electricity of France and GDF – Gas of France), Siveco has almost three decades of experience with infrastructure maintenance, spanning all types and sizes of projects: electricity transmission and distribution, power generation, gas supply, waste and water treatment, water distribution, airports, high-speed railways, metros, roads, tunnels, bridges, as well as large publicly-owned facilities of all types (stadiums, government buildings, museums) etc.


The Great Man-Made River, as depicted on Libyan banknotes
Waste and water


Siveco is working with national, regional, municipal government authorities and private operators of water infrastructures all over the world. In China, Siveco has been selected to implement maintenance management systems and to provide maintenance consulting services for all facilities operated by Sino-French Water Development across the country. Among our customers outside of China are Suez Environment, one of the world’s largest waste and water operator and the Great Man-Made River in Libya, the world’s largest water irrigation project.



Hanas LNG, the largest onshore LNG plant in China
Gas utilities


Drawing on its experience with French state gas supplier GDF in the 1980s, Siveco has delivered projects for gas companies, both state-owned and private, all over the world: production and transmission (offshore and onshore), storage, supply networks, power generation, service companies. Our global customer GDF Suez, formed after the merger of GDF and Suez, is the world’s largest privately-owned utility company. In China, Siveco has implemented the maintenance management system of Hanas LNG, the largest onshore LNG plant in the country.



Ranhill Powertron II in Malaysia: plant built by CNEEC, CMMS delivered by Siveco China
Electric power


Siveco counts as customers many power producers (fossil fuels, hydro, wind & solar, as well as suppliers to the nuclear power industry) and power grid operators in many countries. These include both government and private projects. In China, Siveco has developed a unique expertise working alongside Chinese EPC contractors building power plants in export markets, for example with CNEEC in Malaysia and has delivered projects in gas turbine power plants in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.



Milan Malpensa Airport


Dozens of airports and airport service companies in Europe and Africa have chosen Siveco for their maintenance, covering facilities and systems, baggage handling, radars, ground services, etc. Major clients include Air France operations in all French airports, Milan Malpensa airport and almost all airports on the African continent through partnership with Thales ATM (Air Traffic Management).


References of airports also include: Royal Air Maroc (Morocco), Luxemburg International Airport (Luxemburg), Pointe à Pître Airport (Guadeloupe Island), Rolland Garros Airport (Reunion Island), Algiers Houari Boumedienne Airport (Algeria), Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Greece), Liège International Airport (Belgium), TAP Siemens (Porto, Portugal), Torino Caselle Airport (Italy), Bergamo Orio Al Serio (Italy), Zagreb Airport (Croatia), Billund International Airport (Denmark) …


Screenshot of Cofiroute
Roads, tunnels and bridges


Siveco boasts a very strong experience with the French motorways (government and private operators) and tunnel builders in Europe. Siveco has worked with French motorway companies like SANEF or COFIROUTE as they were being privatized, learning from their long history of engineering excellence under government leadership, but also from the more financial-focus approach of recent years. In China, Siveco has worked with construction leader Bouygues to support the drilling of the Chongming island tunnel in Shanghai: the tunnel-boring machine, its spare parts and maintenance plans were entirely documented in our CMMS.



Singapore Northeast Line
Rail and metros


Siveco has worked with the various French railway and metro companies, including with the French high-speed railway system, but also with greenfield projects in Asia and elsewhere. The Siveco China team has been involved in Singapore MRT (Northeast Line metro) and LRT projects (Senggkang and Punggol light rail systems).



European Space Observatory
Other infrastructures


In addition to the above, the various Siveco subsidiaries have deployed maintenance management systems in ports, stadiums, government buildings, space centers, military facilities, observatories and other types of projects.


References include: Paris City, French Government, European Parliament (Belgium & France), French National Library, Paris Science Museum, French Prison Authority, European Space Center (French Guyana), European Space Observatory (Chili), DCNS (naval shipyards, France, Malaysia), VT (naval shipyards, UK), Port of Havre (France), Port of Lexoes (Portugal), Greek Olympic Facilities (Greece), Constanta Port (Romania), Paris Boats (France), French Navy, French Air Force Bases, Hochtief (Germany)


We hope this article helped answer the question about our references outside of China and experience in infrastructures, perhaps the largest market segment for Siveco business worldwide. Our team is available may you have questions on a specific industry or project.


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