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GSN setting new benchmark for facilities management using bluebee®

This article was written by Benoît Sassin, Corporate Director at GSN Property Services Co., Ltd.


GSN is the leading German property management provider in China. Commencing operations in 1996, GSN has focused on offering high-quality services to multiple international and local clients with workplace, commercial, education, residential, hospitalities and other kinds of real estate. The quality of our tailor-made services, long-term thinking and attention to detail has made GSN an appreciated quality service provider. Headquartered in Shanghai and with branch offices in Beijing, Changsha, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang and Benxi, GSN has been the first choice since many years for multiple high level clients throughout China.


All services offered by GSN are carried out in-house under the use of advanced software tools, on the basis of detailed German maintenance standards encompassing industry best practices. GSN foreign experts and local management employees are constantly achieving new benchmarks, creating cost-effective, transparent and superior service solutions specific to client needs and expectations.


GSN’s extensive experience over many years with various clients has taught us that technical maintenance of buildings is a tedious process. It requires a profound understanding of the clients’ equipment and a sense of rigour to ensure that preventive maintenance is planned under recognised and reliable standards. The reporting should be done in a professional manner, resulting in maintenance actions being properly communicated to all involved parties, with follow up measures eventually taken.


For the maintenance of GSN’s clients’ properties, we already followed the German VDMA standard (“Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau” or in English: Association of German Machinery and Equipment Engineering), a recognized standard constantly updated for over a century that we translated in English and Chinese to empower our clients to benefit from a model internationally acknowledged as the benchmark in reliability.


In order to bring this advantage to the next level, we spent a long time in search for a tool that would enable us to channel all workflows, ensure a repeated consistency in the quality of our service, total control of our work, provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of the operations performed, and create a complete transparency for our clients.


Siveco provided us the perfect solution with bluebee®.


bluebee® now allows GSN to systematize all its maintenance processes. Centralizing the information in a closed system, by creating a database of the equipment, and combining it with the VDMA guidelines guarantees that all maintenance operations are planned and performed timely. By granting its client an access to the system, GSN offers them an unrivalled level of transparency.


bluebee®’s paperless approach, with reports created directly on mobile devices, had it instantly adopted by our technicians who can now dedicate more time for actual maintenance work.


bluebee® in action at the KUKA Robotics factory in Shanghai


The immediate archiving of all operations on bluebee®’s cloud server gives our clients a profound, total understanding of their facilities, thus empowering them to eventually optimize their costs: consumption of spare parts, downtime of equipment, opportunity for replacement, etc. The monitoring of utilities consumption makes it possible for our clients to evaluate the environmental efficiency of their facilities, and from then on to build energy saving plans and optimize their consumption.


Thanks to Siveco’s support, the implementation of bluebee® in our three pilot projects was seamless. The availability and dedication of their support team was outstanding, and we in GSN are now looking forward to adopting their next innovation: combining the power of bluebee® with the convenience of WeChat.


In a near future, GSN will become even more integrated to the client’s organization and provide faster services. We will give our clients’ end users the possibility to report issues directly to our maintenance team, scanning a QR code installed in a room with WeChat. No more time spent on phone calls to the help desk, on explaining the problem or localizing the room. Scan the QR code, send a picture, text or voice message: your request will be sent to bluebee® instantly, and GSN will take care of your problem in no time!


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