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Siveco provides key support to Suez NWS’s growing waste-to-energy business

The author Benjamin CHAN PIU is Deputy Business Line Director at Suez Recycling & Recovery Asia (Suez NWS).


SUEZ NWS Limited (“SUEZ NWS”) is a joint venture between SUEZ and NWS Holdings Limited that encompasses four essential business segments – Water Management, Recycling and Waste Recovery, Water Infrastructure Construction and Consultancy in the Greater China region. With 8,000 employees and over 60 joint ventures with local partners, SUEZ NWS is helping authorities and industries develop innovative solutions to address climate change and sustainable resource management. It has built over 240 water and wastewater treatment plants in Greater China, supplying drinking water to 20 million people. It is a leading operator of waste management in Hong Kong and delivers its expertise in the management of environmental services to 11 industrial parks in Mainland China.


Siveco has been working with us at the Recycling & Recovering division of Suez for over a decade now, starting with the construction of our first waste treatment plant in mainland China, one of the world’s largest hazardous waste-to-energy plants, which started operations in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in 2006. Siveco helped establish the maintenance management system for the plant and has supported us ever since as we developed our China business.


Picture of the joint team at Nantong SITA


Plant maintenance is at the core of our business to support the sustainable development of the Chinese economy, especially since we deal with dangerous waste material. Achieving European standards in terms of air emissions requires not only technology and advanced process control, but also a strong maintenance management system. As our company expanded, the relationship with Siveco grew very deep.


Minimum Operating Standards (MOS) were established for maintenance, with a “Core Model” applicable to all our sites, in line with the principles of the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard. Siveco defined a comprehensive rollout program, as part of every new plant construction project, with support from their Maintenance 4.0 tools, namely Coswin as the main database structuring our best practices and the bluebee® mobile app, used by operators and maintenance technicians for inspections. All our sites are under so-called “Enhanced” support by Siveco, with involves regular coaching, onsite audits and a multisite benchmarking service. In addition, Siveco is conducting our corporate Maintenance Management training program, which all key personnel must attend.


Today Suez hazardous waste-to-energy facilities include the SCIP plant (recently expanded with a third incineration line), another energy recovery plant serving the Nantong Economic Technology and Development Area (NETDA), both under operational support by Siveco. Three other plants are scheduled to start in 2018, following the same approach to setup advanced maintenance standards well before start-up. This extended footprint allows Suez to bring solutions to more and more industrial companies for the safe management & disposal of their hazardous waste, in more and more regions of China.


The graphical CMMS navigation for Nantong SITA


For a new plant, the construction period is always full of challenges. During commissioning and start-up in particular, it is tempting to put maintenance preparation aside. Thanks to the comprehensive approach we have developed with Siveco, we ensure world-class maintenance practices are taken into account throughout the life-cycle of our projects, guaranteeing the availability and quality of our services to industrial clients, in compliance with the strictest environmental standards.


Siveco has been working with Suez NWS in China since 2005, providing Maintenance 4.0 technologies and consulting services to the group’s many joint-ventures in the Water and Waste & Recycling segments. Previously published case studies of the Siveco & Suez cooperation include: Nantong SITA (waste-to-energy), SCIP SITA (waste-to-energy), Taiwan SITA Renwu plant (waste-to-energy plant), Degrémont, Shanghai Sino French Water, Chongqing Sino French Water, Tianjin Tanggu Sino French Water. The company also won an Innovation Trophy in 2016 for its Maintenance Inception Training program, aimed at providing a strong common guideline for all Suez maintenance teams, in order to promote, enforce and sustain good maintenance management practices.



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