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What Siveco China customers say – Testimonials

Today, over 850 sites use Siveco solutions and services in China. This is what some of our customers have to say:

Dietrich Roeben, Plant Manager of Hanas New Energy LNG Plant (LNG)

“The CMMS ensures most efficient work turnaround for all preventive and corrective maintenance, inspection, testing and plant modifications. The CMMS also plays a role in effective risk management, which is crucial to our operation, aiming at zero harm to people and environment, surpassing regulatory requirements.”

“In spite of inevitable personnel changes since the plant started, the CMMS and support from Siveco has remained strong, ensuring true lifecycle support and continuous improvement for our plant.”

Kaixiang Jie, Planning Engineer of SITA Nantong (Waste & Water)

“I am very satisfied with the entire project implementation! Siveco’s engineers assisted us to improve our work process, define management reports, system diagrams and the accounting interface.”

“With Coswin now in the place, our equipment data is available in a structured way and we have gained good habits to keep updating the technical database and consistently optimize our maintenance plan.”

Wang Guanghui, Deputy Manager of Capital Water (Water treatment)

“Through the cooperation with Siveco, we aim to establish a new benchmark for maintenance management in the Chinese water industry, strengthen preventive maintenance, reduce breakdown maintenance, optimize equipment life-cycle cost, improve overall maintenance management efficiency and establish a modern equipment management system with self-characteristics, in order to leapfrog the development of maintenance management and thus achieve the overall strategic ambition of company.”

General Manager of Yuyao Capital Water’s General Manager Jiang Yuming

“Under the correct leadership of the group, Yuyao Capital Water will actively cooperate with Siveco China to further improve the company’s management level, to fully absorb advanced management concepts, improve the efficiency of maintenance management, enhance the comprehensive management of information technology and promote the sustainable growth for the company. We will make great efforts to promote the rapid implementation of the “Maintenance 4.0″ project.”

Baptiste Garro, Planning Engineer of SCIP SITA Waste Services (Waste & Water)

“The project makes inspection and preventive maintenance more efficient, reliable and easier. Data from the field (reports, measurements) is now available in the same central database, allowing in-depth analysis and better support on decisions. The technicians benefit from higher motivation in their work, thanks to this technology.”

“Although there are direct efficiency improvements (less time spend reporting on paper, compiling data or looking for missing data), the main benefit will be indirect: less problems, improved thinking on risks and losses, and scientifically taken decisions.”

“Finally, it directly helps the detection of minor and major malfunctions that can lead to a breakdown. Each day when a breakdown is avoided is a day without safety or environmental issues. It also will save huge direct and indirect costs from avoided breakdown.”

Wang Zhibing, Production Leader of Chongqing Sino French Water Supply Company Limited (Water)

“We got rid of pen and paper and it is fun to be equipped with bluebee® while working.”

Chongqing Sino French’s Operation Manager Luo Feng

“The bluebee® project improves our inspection process, while ensuring the safety of our operations.”

Zhao Hongwei, Water Supply Department Manager of Tianjin Tanggu Sino French Water Supply (Water)

“The Siveco project has helped us to further enhance our maintenance practice, to learn from the other joint-ventures, but also to contribute our own knowhow and experience to other sister companies in the group. This benchmarking process will allow us to continuously improve ourselves.”

Franco Wong, General Manager of SITA Waste Services Limited Taiwan Branch (Waste-to-energy)

“Siveco team had demonstrated their expertise in CMMS development and implementation that bring Ren Wu CMMS project a success. We had raised quite a few special requests during the development phase that may not be common to other industries. Siveco team managed to find solutions to adjust the CMMS to best fit our needs. I am expecting Siveco to be our long term partner that brings our maintenance management to a higher level.”

SITA Waste Services Limited Taiwan Branch’s Business Unit Director Francois Jenny

“The selection of Siveco as CMMS supplier and as the solution implementer for Renwu WTE plant is part of our long term maintenance strategy in the region. Siveco is able to deliver a friendly and efficient tool and is guiding the local team during implementation. After implementation, Siveco is supporting the local team by a succession of Audits to improve the usage of the system. Siveco is a professional Company offering maintenance solution for the industry. They differentiate themselves with their local team who can speak the maintenance language. The solution implemented has helped us in the analysis of maintenance data and in the orientation of the maintenance strategy.”

Herve Lienhardt, Asia Services & Equipment Solutions Director of Degrémont (Water treatment)

“Our partnership with Siveco ensures for our customer one single interface for a dual expertise: process & maintenance. Thanks to our advanced IT tools, we leverage both expertise and ensure monitoring of the activity, to guarantee the quality and reliability of your installation.”

Sun Yongshu, Director of Fushun Mining Group (Mining)

“Our maintenance system covers both the front-end (technicians working onsite) and the back-end (technical management team). Already considered a milestone in the industry, this project provides critical support for the long-term operation of this technologically-complex plant by our local team.”

Mao Jiuchang, Director of Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Shipbuilding)

“Thanks to the Siveco approach, our shipyard now possesses a powerful reporting and analysis tool, which has helped us overcome the main challenges we were facing.”

Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding’s Project Manager Mr Sheng Yin

“Flexible analysis of faults data, working hours and spare parts consumption, across various categories of equipment and disciplines, make the best use of feedback from our technicians. We are planning to extend our cooperation with Siveco as the economy further improves: our next step is to optimize preventive maintenance and inspection plans.”

Arthur Zhang, Preventive Business Intelligence and Technical & Safety Director of Carrefour China (Retail)

“With the RPMS, centrally established regulations and guidelines can be enforced on a large-scale, at every level: auditors, supervisors, service providers and workers. The mobile solution also acts as a training tool and allows immediate feedback from the field to regional and national control centers and crisis rooms.”

“The RPMS has also proven to be a very powerful tool to raise safety awareness, thanks to its high visibility at COS and on mobile devices.”

Zhanjun Zhao, General Manager of Daramic Xiangfan Battery Separator Co., Ltd. (battery separators)

“The Siveco maintenance consultant is not one who comes with a beautiful tie and a leather case… He prefers to wear working clothes like all the other maintenance workers. When his technical assistance is needed, he is personally involved in repairs, troubleshooting and machine modifications. He isn’t afraid to get dirty to solve technical problems. When the Siveco consultant is not at his desk, you will sure find him somewhere in the plant!”

Jean-Yves Lacroix, Engineering Director of Fives Cryo (Heat exchangers manufacturer)

“The work already done with the Siveco team has really put our maintenance team on the right track towards preventive maintenance and the monthly report helps drive this new attitude. From a management perspective, we clearly see how the system will be used in the longer term (a year or so) to assess the need to outsource some of our maintenance, with hard technical and financial data in hand, or to recruit internally if necessary. The accurate historical database will also help us negotiate contracts with spare-parts suppliers.”

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