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Customers satisfaction fuels our business growth

Just after the Chinese New Year holiday, the Siveco management team went to Tianma Country Club in Sheshan for the 2-day yearly business review. The meeting was held in a large villa and consisted in presentations by department manager followed by fruitful discussions. One of the key topics we reviewed was the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Quality Manager presents the survey results


The results of the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey are extremely positive. A lot of work went into the various actions decided last year, which has proven very fruitful. As business results for 2016 are also very good (+50% in contract value and significant profit growth), this encourages our Siveco China teams to continue in 2017 to systematically analyze customers satisfaction, define improvement actions and implement them as part of our quality management process.


It also shows that Siveco China’s continuing emphasis on maintenance improvement and consulting services corresponds to our clients’ needs. As years pass, we see that customers who initially rejected such services (usually for cost reasons) are the first to emphasize their usefulness today. The trend to provide more training will continue in 2017, with the addition of online training programs.


Product-wise, survey results prove that our mobile solutions are reached an excellent level of reliability and robustness in various customer situations including poor networks, frequent on/offline changes, large number of users etc. For both mobility and cloud solutions, Siveco is the vendor with the largest customer base in China, far ahead of any would-be competitor in our market. Investment in “Maintenance 4.0” R&D will be further increased in 2017, with emphasis on usability and innovations. Our existing IoT capability, primarily used in industrial plants to connect to DCS/SCADA type of systems, is also being integrated into bluebee® sync.


Key findings from this year’s satisfaction survey are summarized in this month’s Reliability article. The Customer story features SCIP SITA Waste Services’ usage of bluebee® in a short movie we produced before Chinese New Year (for which we have received excellent feedback after it was released on our WeChat account – add us at “sivecochina” if you haven’t already done it!). Tips & Tricks explores features of bluebee® that are technically not new, but very innovative technologically and deserve more attention by clients. In the Siveco people section, we share photos from the management meeting, our traditional Epiphany party and the company’s First Aid training. Plus the usual Latest news.


Last but not least, I would like to thank our clients for the fruitful feedback, their hard work and also the happy time spent with us!


In the era of the “China Dream”, we believe that there has never been a more exciting time for maintenance in China! Maintenance 4.0 is the core of Industry 4.0, with man, not machine, at the center! The China Dream is our Dream!




Fiona Yan
BD Director
Siveco China


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