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Maintenance is sexy!

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who attended the 8th Annual Process Industry Engineering & Maintenance Congress in Shanghai last month. For those who did not attend, perhaps because you are not working in the Process Industry, you really missed something… We all had fruitful exchanges on best practices and improvement methods (see this month’s reliability article) and of course we all made useful contacts. But this year’s event had something truly unique and memorable for all attendees… For the first time, in worldwide exclusivity, we had…


The bluebee® girls!


I think pictures speak for themselves:



What do we want to prove? That maintenance can be fun and sexy! It doesn’t have to be boring and dirty… Maintenance can achieve great financial ROI for our companies but also make a huge impact on society as a whole (think of all the public infrastructures on which our daily lives depends, think of all the buildings with a shortened lifetime due to poor maintenance). We can also learn a lot in the process, maintenance can be an excellent career path to top management positions if that’s what you want, but we can also have fun in the process!


In this month’s edition, apart from the bluebee® girls, we have all our usual sections. A Reliability article on Two schools of thought on the evolution of the Chinese maintenance market, Customer story on Siveco’s experience in infrastructure projects worldwide, Partner article on Calling for partners in Asia and the World!, Tips & Tricks on Connecting to external devices with Bluetooth and our latest news.


Have fun!



Bruno Lhopiteau
General Manager
Siveco China


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