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The survey results are out!

Dear Reader,


The report of our 2012-2013 Maintenance in China survey is out! I let you discover the results, summarised in this month’s Reliability article. Respondents will receive the full report, also available upon request.


This great collaborative work (many thanks to our academic and distribution partners – see in Partners) has allowed us to reach 1,569 respondents, in 834 different companies, for a total estimated 1,200 sites all over China. Truth is, it took us much longer than expected, as the survey spanned over 8 months, but the final result is very satisfying. As a comparison, global maintenance surveys from leading industry analysts and recent China surveys in other disciplines seldom cover more than 200 companies…!


Two findings I would like to mention in this editorial: for 55% of the respondents, Preventive Maintenance represents less than 1/4th of the total maintenance activity – a very low figure, a strong indication of the huge improvement potential. Over 70% of respondents declare they will pay more attention to Maintenance in the future, another positive indicator.



In addition to the survey report (this month’s Reliability article) and the Partner article thanking our survey partners, this month’s Customer Story features Dayang Shipbuilding Company, the largest shipyard in Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group and an excellent example of improving maintenance in tough times. I believe many manufacturers will find this story relevant, as they face similar economic constraints. The Tips & Tricks article continues with the bluebee® cloud series, this time talking about our Mobile Tracking functionality.




Bruno Lhopiteau
General Manager
Siveco China


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