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Historically (and Siveco already has 35 years of history, 16 of which in China), economic crises are favorable to the growth of maintenance-related business, as many companies will focus on optimizing existing assets. It is too early to tell, but we indeed see encouraging signs, such as a marked increase in the number of incoming enquiries to our marketing, both for China and overseas market (Southeast Asia and Africa).


In particular, we also see strong demand from industrial SMEs for maintenance improvement support (focused on reducing downtime, cost control, regulatory compliance) based on an easy-to-use computerized maintenance system, clear needs for training on maintenance methodologies and what I would call networking and exchanging with peers. As there are so limited alternatives available in the Chinese market, Siveco has decided to repackage our proven solutions and services (over 1,000 client sites) for the SME market under the concept of “bluebee® club”. This is explained in this month’s Tips & Trick article “Welcome to the bluebee® club!“.


Clients recognition of what we do is also getting visibly sharper: last week a customer exclaimed, after seeing an example of our BIM for O&M solution with IoT integration “but this is a Digital Twin!”. We hesitate to articulate this overhyped word, but yes indeed it is! As many larger companies have decided to cut their previously overinflated Smart/4.0/Digital Transformation budgets (too often spent on an expensive and non-productive combination of consulting contracts, traditional big-brand ERP software and meaningless proof-of-concept projects), there is an opportunity to refocus on useful ROI-driven IT projects. Which is precisely what Siveco does for Maintenance and Industrial Risk Management!



Last but not least, our Customer story features Oil storage achieves continuous maintenance improvement with Siveco.


Plus our latest news!


Finally, all of us in China will enjoy a short break in a busy last quarter, with a double celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and China’s National Day falling on the same date this year, October 1. Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire Siveco team in China and Asia, to wish you all a warm and cheerful, festival with your family under the bright shining moon!



Bruno Lhopiteau
Managing Director
Siveco China


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