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Supporting the China Dream

Sustainable infrastructures have become a matter of national priority in support of the “China Dream”. An elusive concept for many, merely a business opportunity for others, the China Dream is very concrete for us at Siveco China: all our projects aim at reducing the life-cycle-cost and increasing the useful lifetime of the infrastructures with our Maintenance 4.0 approach.


This is what I wrote in April 2010 in the second issue of this newsletter (full article “Some thoughts on China’s evolving maintenance services market” here):

As you can see, right or wrong, I am as passionate as ever for the Chinese maintenance market: we at Siveco China are blessed with a great job, a beautiful adventure, with a sense of positively contributing to the development of this society.

This statement has proven true again and again. We have gained recognition more particularly in the waste, water, new energy and power markets, with projects all over the country. I am very proud of what the Siveco team has achieved over the years, supporting sustainability through maintenance improvement!

This newsletter naturally focuses on infrastructure projects, with a Reliability article on “Exploring the bathtub curve”, Customer story “Suez Nantong waste-to-energy plant optimizes maintenance and overhaul with Coswin 8i”, a Partner article on “Working with large system integrators”, Tips & Tricks on “Coswin 8i customization tools in action”, Siveco People featuring Support team’s activities and our Latest News.

Sweet dreams!

Managing Director
Siveco China

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