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Welcome to the Year of the Pig!

Dear Reader,


The friendly fat pig is certainly an auspicious animal! As “pig” and “wish” share a similar pronunciation in Chinese, the entire Siveco team joins me to wish you and yours a Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous Year of the Pig!



The past year has been fruitful for Siveco. A record year for our business both in mainland China and on export markets, last year also saw many achievements in terms of our Smart O&M solutions (new product releases, accolades from institutions and clients). “Smart” has really been the magic word for our development, although our scope of business remains the same: providing technological solutions (“Smart”) to help our infrastructure and industrial clients improve their Operations (“O”, with in China risk prevention and in particular safety being a major driver in today’s tightening regulatory environment), the core of which is always Technical Operations or let’s say Maintenance (“M”).


Scan this QR code for a quick presentation of our 2018 highlights:



The beginning of 2019 has been hectic for us, with projects starting and many new business opportunities. We also enjoyed two celebrations, the Feast of the Epiphany and our Annual Dinner (photos and video will be in our next newsletter or see my LinkedIn updates if you cannot wait!). You can also read our latest news as usual. Our next newsletter will have a strong focus on Safety Improvement, as this topic has unfortunately made headlines again at the end of last year, with the Zhangjiakou chemical plant accident caused by lack of preventive maintenance and inspections.



At last, thanks for all your support and trust, and again the entire Siveco China team wishes you and your family a Happy and Safe Year of the Pig!


Bruno Lhopiteau
Managing Director
Siveco China


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