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2023 Siveco China “Our Future In Space” annual dinner

On February 17, 2023, the entire Siveco China team gathered at the àCôté restaurant in Shanghai for our annual dinner. Siveco China members dressed up for the costume party under the theme of “Our Future In Space”. As usual, our teams had prepared a lot of talent shows for the night. Now we’ve piloted our spaceship back to the earth and share with you the highlights of the party!



Before dinner, we struggled to gather enough people for group photos… as people were already enjoying themselves too much… Our Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau with his home-made spacebee suit and some of the best dressed-up team members attracted most of the attention!



After that, Bruno gave the opening speech, summing up our business during last year and thanking everyone for their hard work and excellent results obtained. Then the show started with our admin team’s gorgeous dance number, which lit up the atmosphere.



Followed by a dynamic dance, performed by Neo Zheng from our Support Team (who had to take out her bulky red costume to pass through the door). It was also a musical night! We had many songs of different styles from our Marketing, Project and R&D teams!



During the breaks, Bruno awarded the traditional trophies and gold bars to colleagues who had worked and partied with us for 5 years, 10 years and … for three of them 15 years! Bruno expressed heartfelt appreciation for their dedication and loyalty. Old photos were shown at the ceremony, recalling precious memories. The Siveco China awarded heroes spoke of their experiences with the Siveco China family, inspiring and moving the audience.



In addition, as we all know, Siveco China is a versatile team! The Sales team performed a wonderful space melodrama along with a magic show with their fantastic costumes. George Xu from the Project team presented a talk show, interacting with the audience.



Our Business Development Director, Fiona Yan, was voted the “Best Costume” and gave a thanking performance. Many members started spontaneously to give impromptu shows! The party ended in a warm atmosphere.



The entire Siveco China team enjoyed a happy and fantastic night! We wished each other a happy, healthy, and safe new year!


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