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A flurry of activity aimed at promoting good asset management practices

As part of its COVID-19 crisis plan, announced in February 2020, Siveco has increased its investment in the Chinese market. The company made the strategic decision to provide extra funding not only for R&D (see this month’s announcement on the release of bluebee® X, last month’s articles on the bluebee® club for industrial SMEs and our AR smart glasses solution for remote support) but also for marketing activities. This decision was designed to take advantage of weakened competition: several international suppliers have left the China and even Asia in the past year, while low-end domestic competitors has been visibly impacted, with a marked reduction in their marketing efforts. The last quarter of the year has been particularly rich in events, which we would like to briefly recap today:


On August 10-11, the Siveco team attended the 8th Shanghai Solid Waste Hotspot Forum 2020, an excellent event to meet other industry professionals, clients and partners, and to demonstrate our Smart O&M solution and share case studies with waste treatment industry experts.


On August 13, Siveco’s Managing Director was invited to speak on “BIM for Facility Management” for a real estate experts forum organized by Siemens Real Estate at the German Centre Shanghai, sharing practical ideas of how to make use of BIM from the perspective of Operation & Maintenance.



On September 1, Siveco joined the 2020 China Smart Water Industry Summit at Aquatech Shanghai. Unlike previous years, where our Managing Director was a panelist, the 2020 event was more focused on equipment suppliers, to whom the Siveco team demonstrated our BIM-based solution for plant lifecycle management.


On September 2-3, Siveco made a strong showing at the Smart Maintenance Conference 2020, in Shanghai, with six staff onsite during the two-day event, a booth with a full live demo setup and a showcase of bluebee® for smart glasses at the booth of our partner LLVISION.



The next day, September 3-4, our Environmental team took part in the 5th Water Supply Summit Forum 2020, a big gathering of water industry executives in Hefei, Anhui. Major Siveco clients attended the forum, which was an opportunity to catch up with top managers.



On September 4, the Siveco Overseas Business Development team conducted a live webinar on “Meet Smart O&M” for selected clients in Southeast Asia and the Middle-East, during which our Project Delivery Director Billy Cai performed a complete demo of our Coswin and bluebee®.



On September 16, Siveco was at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai, with two team members in attendance at the booth of our smart glass partner LLVISION, a highly innovative domestic firm. Siveco & LLVISION jointly presented bluebee® for smart glasses with embedded remote support and meet clients together.


On September 17-18, our Environmental team joined the 12th Shanghai Water Hotspot Forum 2020. During 2020, Siveco increased its cooperation with E20, a leading association in the Chinese environmental market, to reinforce our presence in their events, share case studies and experience of Smart O&M with members.


On September 18, the EPC department of Siveco presented a webinar aimed at Chinese EPC firms. On the topic of “What to do when EPC projects need a CMMS?“, the session offered practical advice for delivering CMMS during the construction of a plant or infrastructure. A replay of a previous session on the same topic is available here click here (Chinese only) after registration.


On September 23, two long-time Siveco clients, GSN Property and Suez Recycling & Recovery shared their Siveco experience during the Roundtable on the Role of Digitalization in B2B Services at the French Chamber of Commerce in China. A full replay of the seminar is available (in English) here.


On September 24, Siveco’s Managing Director spoke at the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand on the topic of “Smart O&M to optimize the lifecycle of Urban Energy Systems“. Two local partners were present on site to meet clients.


On October 10, VP Paul Wang joined the CAH 2020 Four-type Airports Technology Innovation Conference & Expo in Beijing, sharing Siveco’s experience in airport assets management, in line with the ISO 55000 standard, with support from smart and digital technologies. Please click here for the online exhibition.


On October 13-14, Siveco’s smart water team attended the 6th China Urban Smart Water Summit in Shenzhen, showcasing Smart O&M solutions and consulting services. The conference was a great opportunity to meet customers old and new and to network with other Smart Water suppliers.



On October 22, Siveco took part in the 3rd Smart Manufacturing Application Sharing Forum (SMAS) in Suzhou. In this event, Siveco held a booth focused on the bluebee® club package for industrial SMEs and our COO gave a speech to on maintenance improvement using 4.0 technologies.



On October 23, at the annual gala of the French Chamber in China, Siveco shared a table with customers and partners involved in the lifecycle of buildings. Our long-term partner TERAO Asia won a well-deserved award that night for their project at the Caidian Sino-French Eco-city in Wuhan.



On October 26, Siveco China Vice President joined the E20 Salon, on the topic of Ecology-Oriented Development. In this top management forum, experts from consulting firms, investors, owners, operators and suppliers to the Chinese environmental market shared their different views on this topic.



On October 28, our Managing Director spoke at the Suzhou European Association DUSA Roundtable on the topic of “Maintenance 4.0: what works, what doesn’t, lessons from 20 years in China“, breaking the record number of attendees at a DUSA roundtable!



On November 6, Siveco was among the leading French Companies invited to the French Eco-City Club event on “Mobility for sustainable cities”. The forum gathered Chinese and French players of the transportation market under the presidency of the French Ambassador and Shanghai’s Vice Mayor.



On November 11, Siveco’s COO was invited as a panelist at the Centrale & Mines Engineering Schools Alumni conference in Shanghai on the topic of “The New Normal under COVID-19” together with other industrial leaders. Siveco remains very active in various academic partnerships and alumni associations around the themes of maintenance and risk management.


On November 13, Siveco’s own Customer Sharing event took place in Kunshan. This event is summarized in this article.




On November 26-28, Siveco was invited to speak at the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference 2020 in Nanjing and showcase latest 4.0 technologies at the conference’s online exhibition.


Last but not least, our upcoming events for the rest of 2020 include:


On December 8, Siveco China team will give an online speech at “Asia District Cooling seminars – District Cooling in Shenzhen”, organized by APUEA.


On December 10, Siveco China’s Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau is invited to speak on “Sustainable BRI Infrastructure: On-the-Ground on the Belt and Road” for China Crossroads in Shanghai.


On December 17-18, Siveco China’s Environmental team will participate in the 14th Solid Waste Strategic Forum 2020 in Beijing, one of the biggest gathering in the waste industry.


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