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In period of crisis, we find our true friends

Today let us share news of our Siveco China people in the COVID-19 crisis! First, everyone is well and safe. When the crisis hit, most of our staff were enjoying their Chinese New Year vacations, most at home, some on travel.


On January 26, Siveco launched its emergency action plan named “Safe Business, Safe Office”. With the health and safety as our number one priority, we immediately organized ourselves to support clients operating essential public infrastructures under considerable stress during this period. Some details were publicly announced here and in our last newsletter “First lessons from the COVID-19 crisis”.


Our Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau (in China since 1999 and a permanent resident card holder since 2006), returned to Shanghai from his holidays in Japan on February 6.


“I landed in Shanghai early this morning, happy to be back home to join the battle with our people! In time of crisis, we struggle together, we find our true friends and together we will emerge stronger! 武汉加油!中国加油!”


Our Operations Director Guillaume Gimonet, in China since 2006, also returned from France on February 8 to join the struggle.


“Siveco teams are committed more than ever to ensure business continuity and share the effort to get out of the nCov crisis together with their clients & partners! 武汉加油!中国加油!”


Bruno and Guillaume are examples of those old foreign friends who supporting China very early in the crisis. France also supported us, as the only nation to have left its consulate in Wuhan open throughout the crisis, sending medical equipment, while some French doctors also stayed in Wuhan! It was heartening to see how many foreign friends supported us and we will remember them.


As for our local team, our Vice President Paul Wang returned from his native Changsha to Beijing on February 11. The rest of the management team had stayed in Shanghai during the holidays, running the operations. Sunny Wang, Customer Service Manager, ensured continuous support services. Windy Han our CFO led the “Safe Office” initiative since January 26. Fiona Yan Business Development Director managed the overseas business team, operational since February 3. Taylor Huang, Marketing Manager, managed crisis communications. R&D Chief Wang Tao restarted R&D work remotely to meet major product development milestones. Billy Cai successfully organized project team and coordinated with clients to ensure zero impact on ongoing projects. Quality Manager Jessica Huang coordinated quality-related initiatives, which culminated in a successful ISO 9001 surveillance audit on March 13, during which the Bureau Veritas auditor scrutinized our crisis management actions!


Annual management meeting held on February 11 at the Shanghai office.


Overall, two of our R&D staff were at home in Hubei province when the crisis erupted. In spite of the stress, they have been working full-time from home since work restarted. They will soon make their way back to Shanghai in strict compliance with regulations and we will welcome them with a small office party! The rest of the team was mostly in Shanghai and was able to work again at the office at the beginning of March, although we keep a flexible work-from-home scheme.


As the crisis appears to be under control in China but spreading elsewhere in the world, we wish everyone stays safe and healthy! We will do our best to support our customers and friends abroad! We will not forget those who supported us in the crisis!


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