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Industrial Risks Management: feedback on the Process Intelligent Manufacturing Summit 2019

The Process Intelligent Manufacturing Summit 2019 held in Hangzhou on August 22-23, attracted a large numbers of process industry leaders and experts to share their perspectives on the latest industry developments.



Guillaume Gimonet, Operations Director of Siveco China gave a speech under the theme of “A Smart O&M approach to manage industrial risks: case studies from China”, which focused on the hot topic of industrial safety in China. In this speech, Guillaume shared three cases studies of Chinese customers (not fictional cases from abroad), detailing the challenges they met and how to overcome them using Siveco’s innovative solutions. Guillaume was also interviewed by industrial media Vogel, sharing his insights about the tough problems Chinese chemical enterprises face in the process of digital transformation and our contributions to Smart O&M.



Apart from the speech, Siveco also held a booth to meet with attendees and answer their questions. The presentation attracted many visitors to our booth, asking for details about our cases studies and solutions. Visitors were welcomed to try bluebee® running on explosion-proof industrial devices and experience a real inspection work process.



Siveco China has a long track record in process manufacturing, providing Smart O&M solutions and Asset Management consulting services to support technical risk management. Customers include: Yingde Gases, Baosteel Gases, Arkema, Bostik, Ecolab, Evonik and many more.


We thank the organizer for arranging such a professional event and giving us great opportunity to share our best practices with friends in this industry.


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