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Siveco China Support team serving every customer attentively

Siveco provides structured maintenance support services to assist customers in continuously improving their performance, a service package known as Enhanced Maintenance Contract (EMS). On October 31, 2017, the Siveco support team visited Bostik Changshu for discussions with key staff from the company’s Changshu and Guangzhou chemical plants. Among the topics covered: how to identify and rate critical assets, how to make full use of technical attributes and how to implement the Coswin purchasing module (not currently used). After reviewing the monthly management reports, they reached a consensus on how to adjust them to meet current management objectives.



On November 22, 2017, the team went to SCIP SITA Waste Services for annual maintenance assessment. The on-site assessment was the support team’s first visit after the plant put its third incineration line into operation. The new line naturally requires a lot of efforts for the maintenance department, but all technical data has been well documented in Coswin under the leadership of the plant’s maintenance manager, thus greatly helping analysis and decision-making. At present, the two sides are discussing how to upgrade bluebee® mobile solution in the factory to its latest version and how to better address the daily needs of both the operation and maintenance departments.



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