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Siveco support team fosters continuous improvement with annual on-site assessments

At the end of 2018 and early 2019, Siveco China support team visited several customers to perform annual on-site assessments. Thanks to our customers for making time out of their busy schedules to support our work. As part of Enhanced Maintenance Contract (EMS), Siveco provides structured maintenance support services to assist customers in continuously improving their performance.


On November 28, 2018, Siveco China support team came to Changshu Sino French Water to conduct the annual assessment. The customer set a “five-year” plan for their maintenance, the first stage of which has now been completed: we found that the usage of Coswin has been much improved since last year. During our exchanges, the new function of Coswin 8i and bluebee® raised great interest. The future upgrade, together with various jointly agreed improvement actions, will play an important role in supporting the next improvement phases.



On Decemeber 19, 2018, the team visited Essilor Shanghai, which has cooperated with Siveco for over 12 years. During the Coswin and bluebee® annual assessment, the plant’s maintenance and management status was discussed, as well as the latest maintenance trends. A unified view for substantially improving the daily work was reached.



In 2018, Essilor Shanghai upgraded its existing Coswin 7i to the latest Coswin 8i version and installed the bluebee® mobile solution, to support best asset management practices in a visual manner: this paperless maintenance management approach greatly improved work efficiency and convenience of operators.


Essilor Shanghai technician using bluebee®


In early January, 2019, our support team visited Renwu waste-to-energy plant. In 2018, Renwu Plant finished the upgrade of Coswin 8i with its friendly interface and convenient functionalities. Thanks to the keen attention of the plant leaders and the efficient execution of its employees, under the guidance of Siveco China, the workflows of the maintenance and procurement departments were streamlined and standardized. Procurement has not been the priority in the initial project. During discussions, the purchasing department informed us they intend to use Coswin more, as its accurate data provides a very good base for financial data analysis, which is helpful for company decision-making.



In Mid-January, the support team came to Nantong hazardous waste-to-energy plant. During the on-site assessment, both sides exchanged their views on how to ensure the integrity of work order process and assessed the situation that the Preventive to Corrective Maintenance has steadily increased in the past year, an extremely positive trend demonstrating good results. Meanwhile, the Siveco team analyzed reports and proposed various suggestions to standardize the process. After 3 years using Coswin, the operation of the plant has stabilized and performance has improved. The standardization of workflows and procedures makes operation more reliable and smoother.



Thanks for all our customer’s support for joining our annual on-site assessments, we hope these valuable exchanges will lead maintenance and risk prevention to a new level.


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