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Smart Asset Life Cycle Management: feedback on the International Solid Waste Management Summit 2019

The International Solid Waste Management Summit 2019 was held in Shanghai on June 12-14, attracting a large numbers of industry professionals from leading waste management companies. Siveco China team joined this big gathering of the waste industry to share our perspectives on smart asset lifecycle management.



Siveco China’s Vice President Paul Wang gave a speech under the theme of “At the Core of Waste Industry Management: Smart Assets Operation & Maintenance Management”, providing in-depth analysis of the pain-points of asset management in the waste industry and giving insights on how to build up a management platform using Smart technologies. As this was the only speech focused on management, rather than technology, it received a lot of attention and positive feedback from audience.



Apart from the speech, Siveco also held a booth to make product brochures and case studies available to all visitors. Siveco’s rich references attracted many attendees to come and ask for more information about our solutions. Demo devices gave visitors a direct feel of how our Maintenance 4.0 solutions really work.



Siveco China, as one of the pioneers in Smart solutions for the solid waste industry, has worked in this area for close to 15 years, with various types of customers such as: waste-to-energy plants, municipal and hazardous waste incinerators, organic waste treatment, landfills and transfer stations etc. Thanks to our long track record, we have designed a unique approach combining Smart Maintenance 4.0 solutions and Asset Management consulting services to support plant owners and operators in improving their assets lifecycle efficiently.


We thank the organizer for arranging such a professional event and giving us this chance to share best practices with friends in this industry.


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