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“Maintenance is the key to our business” at leading-edge hazardous waste incinerator (SCIP SITA Waste Services)

Customer story – “Maintenance is the key to our business” at leading-edge hazardous waste incinerator (SCIP SITA Waste Services)


Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) lies at the north coast of Hangzhou Bay with the total planning area of 29.4km2. SCIP is one of the industrial projects with the highest investment in China during the 10th Five-year Plan period. It is the first industrial zone specialized in the development of petrochemical and fine chemistry businesses, and is also one of the four industrial production bases in Shanghai.


Established in 2003, SCIP SITA Waste Services Company Ltd. (SCIP SITA Waste Services) was jointly built by SCIP DC, SITA WASTE SERVICES (the waste management branch of French group SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) and NWS Holdings Limited (HK) with a total investment of 575 million RMB.


SCIP SITA Waste Services operates the largest and most sophisticated chemical waste incinerator in mainland China, with an annual treatment capacity of 60,000 tons per year. The incinerator, in operation since June 2006, is a critical element in the supply chain of giant chemical producers located in the park, which rely on the SCIP SITA to burn hazardous by-products according to European standards.


Project objectives


Based on SCIP SITA and Siveco’s experience of greenfield utility projects, the main goals of the projects were to:


- Build a strong foundation for future operations by accurately documenting the plant before start-up, allowing smooth knowledge transfer from engineering to maintenance.


- Ensure the systematic use of work orders (what, when, who, impact on operation and safety) for follow-up actions and analysis.


- Help the operation team focus on preventive maintenance.


Project implementation


The plant was fully documented in the Coswin CMMS before start-up. The 4 months project allowed SCIP SITA to build its management system and train the maintenance team based on industry’s best practices and European standards.


Starting from the commissioning stage, 100% of the work was managed with work orders, ensuring full traceability of all actions. When problems did occur, corrective action requests were immediately documented for follow-up.


Once this basic discipline, necessary for SCIP SITA to ensure strict regulatory compliance, was in place, the team moved its focus to improving the maintenance strategy, namely by promoting a preventive maintenance approach.


The entire process is, since 2006, managed in Coswin, all the way from work management, planning, inventory management and procurement.


Comments by SCIP SITA General Manager Philippe Allouche


“From day one, we recognized maintenance as a key success factor for our project. The Coswin Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) was implemented before startup.”


“The system allowed us to manage safety right from the commissioning stage, by enforcing a strict work process. The CMMS is used to educate and organize our team and to support management decisions.”


“Reliability is the key to our business, serving chemical plants in the area, whose own operation could be affected by a prolonged downtime of our facility. Four years down the line, we have succeeded in creating a true culture of maintenance in our Chinese operation: maintenance is under full control, regardless of the inevitable personnel changes.”


Project update (2014)


In October 2009, SCIP SITA Waste Services and Siveco China were jointly nominated by the Global Supply Chain Council, Asia’s largest supply chain organization for the Green Supply Chain Award for the CMMS project. Each year, the awards recognize the importance of supply chain, procurement and logistics excellence, by identifying and rewarding outstanding performance among leading manufacturers, retailers, service providers and key individuals working in Asia.


Based on the successful project in SCIP, SITA extended the relationship with Siveco to other sites. In 2013, a similar project was implemented at the SITA Kaohsiung County Renwu Waste Incinerator in Taiwain. Siveco will delivery maintenance preparation services and CMMS for all future incinerators built by SITA in the region. In 2013, SCIP SITA chose the implement the bluebee® solution to manage inspections. bluebee® went live in March 2014, integrated with the COSWIN back-office system via bluebee® sync. For this project, Siveco also delivered explosion-proof ATEX-certified handheld devices running Windows Mobile.


For more information


Article “Maintenance, Forgotten Supply Chain Link” in CHaINA magazine, Sept-Oct 2009 issue, featuring a short case study on SCIP SSWS at the end and touching on the different aspects of such a project, reproduced here.


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