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5 reasons GMs chose to upgrade to Coswin 8i

For this article, we have talked to the General Managers of plants that have upgraded from Coswin 7i to 8i. We asked them what they liked in the new version and why was it worth upgrading. Here is their feedback.

The main reason for GMs to upgrade from Coswin 7i to Coswin 8i is to further improve maintenance performance in times of economic uncertainty.

Quoting a GM in the chemical industry (Jiangsu province):

“Our group has launched a global cost-cutting program, so many of my managers are busy trying cancelling projects and postponing replacement decisions. In our industry, cost reduction often leads to small short-term gains and huge long-term losses. I used the Coswin 8i upgrade project to demonstrate that the economic slowdown was the right time to invest in maintenance improvement initiatives. Coswin 8i is a very graphical tool, which makes this initiative more visible to everyone involved.”

For another GM, managing an oil & gas plant in Western China, the project was a way to overcome obstacles due to staff turnover:

“We have suffered from high turnover in the past few years. Our technicians were still consistently using Coswin (7i) but management had slipped into bad habits, such as not using monthly analysis reports. I used the Coswin 8i upgrade to whip them back into shape. We could have done it using 7i, but the new user interface and getting a Siveco consultant to spend time with us, helped motivate everyone.”

The Vice President of a multisite process manufacturer (all over China) mentioned specific usability improvements in Coswin 8i:

“We use Excel all the time to aggregate various production data and to report to corporate. With Coswin 8i, we can now filter and extract historical data to Excel directly, without the Crystal Report tool. This simple feature brings huge efficiency gains in the tedious reporting process, enough reason for me to move to 8i! I wish our ERP system had the same!”

Other top manager we interviewed explained they wanted to align their maintenance system with the current corporate IT strategy:

According to a GM in the automotive industry (Shanghai):

“Our China business used to be very independent, but in the past few years our group IT policy has become much stricter, to ensure the security of our data. The upgrade to Coswin 8i allowed us to comply with all the corporate IT rules without any headache!”

Several clients went through a similar process. For the COO of a large metal processing plant in Anhui:

“The very smooth upgrade process was closely watched by corporate IT and by the procurement team. This really helped raise awareness of our maintenance projects at group level!”

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