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Get results from Smart O&M: 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

In this month’s newsletter, we are pleased to share the results of our 2021 customer satisfaction survey, audited in March 2022 by Bureau Veritas. The yearly customer satisfaction survey is part of Siveco China’s ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System. The purpose of the survey is to strengthen our relationship with customers, identify their long-term needs and constantly improve our products and customer services. As requested by many, this year’s survey report has a simpler, easier-to-read, format: more facts, less analysis.


Respondent profile


88% of our customers took the time to respond to the survey and 28% of the responses came from managers and above, demonstrating a very high level of engagement in the industry. With 72% end users, up from 57% last year, this survey succeeded in obtaining feedback from people who tended to be less engaged.



A pioneer of Smart Operation & Maintenance, Siveco China provides solutions based on Coswin, bluebee® and bluebee® cloud. In 2021, 90% of Siveco China end-users are using Smart solutions (including mobility, BIM, etc.).



In 2021, 98% of Coswin clients use the latest generation Coswin 8i and 35% of clients were under Enhanced Support. Getting “Smarter” is the main motivation to upgrade to the newest version of our software.



Satisfaction with support


2021, 98% clients continue to give positive feedback on Siveco China support.



As in previous years, customers highly value services that are not part of traditional software support.



Satisfaction with products


Product satisfaction was high in 2021, in particular feedback on user experience is overall very positive. Furthermore, 100% of respondents say the system provides good support for maintenance and 93% are willing to recommend Siveco solutions to others.



More specifically for the benefits obtained from Siveco China’s Smart O&M approach, the top three benefits are: 1. Better knowledge of our assets 2. Get rid of the paper process, giving technicians easy access to the system 3. Improved corporate image (showcasing best practices, modern systems).



Project Delivery


The section is for projects that went live during 2021, demonstrating the Feedback on project delivery from the three dimensions of communication skills, technical expertise and training performed.



The responses showed that 87% respondents say that all objectives have been met upon “Go Live”. Activities after Go Live (babysitting sessions, regular follow-up and coaching, annual assessments, support) are covered under the Support section.




As a result of this survey, improvement actions for 2022 have been defined based on our findings and will be managed by our Customer Service team as part of the company’s quality management process. A more detailed report has been sent to all customers, along with a list of improvement actions taken in 2021 (based on last year’s survey) and actions planned for 2022.


We sincerely thank all our clients and welcome new customers to join our result-driven community!


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