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Adding value to our partners at the 8th Annual Process Industry Engineering & Maintenance Congress

For the fourth time, Siveco joined the Annual Process Industry Engineering & Maintenance Congress held on September 19 -20 in Shanghai. Coincidently, two of our partners Motorola (supplier of mobile devices), Vantech Instrument (condition monitoring suppler, the local agent of 01db-Metravib) were also exhibiting at what has become the largest process industry event in China. Based on joint project experience, Siveco proactively proposed to tie up with the partners at event, to increase the visibility of all involved and to better showcase the benefits of working together.


Well-known mobile devices player Motorola agreed to tie up exclusively with Siveco at the event. The entire range of Motorola devices (rugged PDAs, tablets, etc.) was displayed at both booths with Siveco’s bluebee® solution installed. After all, a mobile device is not useful without relevant software installed. This allowed Motorola to show the powerful features of their equipment in a very practical manner, easy to grab for industrial attendees. In addition, the Siveco team has prepared a case study of a mutual project, Sichuan Lutianhua, to highlight how the on-site technicians could use Motorola device MC70 running bluebee® to successfully implement best practices in plant inspection. This customer won the silver award in the manufacturing category at the 2010 Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Industrial Applications. Last but not least, the bluebee® girls came to assist the Motorola team!


bluebee® girls came to assist the Motorola team


Vantech Instrument, a well-established local vendor of condition monitoring system and reseller of 01db-Metravib solutions, also agreed to join action with Siveco. Our two companies have setup a partnership, combining Vantech specific CBM expertise and Siveco’s maintenance consulting approach – with excellent results from projects with International Paper. Siveco and Vantech engineers who participated in the International Paper Nanjing project were on duty for entire two days to explain how to obtain more results from CBM projects. The International Paper case study was displayed on both booths. The bluebee® girls were there too!


bluebee® girls with Vantech Instrument


The Siveco marketing team would like to thank our partners for their friendly and efficient cooperation at the event!


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