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Entering North African markets with Korean EPCs

Korean engineering and construction companies have recently won major contracts for the delivery of gas turbine power plants in Algeria, on the northern coast of Africa. Thanks to its very strong presence in Africa, Siveco is uniquely positioned to assist Asian engineering companies involved in such projects. EPCs often find themselves at a loss when it comes to delivering the turnkey CMMS required by the plant owner as part of the construction project, as the needs of overseas greenfield projects differ markedly from those of domestic clients.


The Siveco China team has recently started to work on the first of the Korea-Algeria projects, the 1,200MW Ain Arnat combined-cycle power plant. A total of 8,400MW of power generation capacity will be built in Algeria until 2017, most of which contracted to Korea construction companies, with Siveco appointed as the CMMS supplier.



This partner article will summarize Siveco’s implement approach for projects in Africa (or elsewhere in the world), partnering with Asian EPC companies.


Siveco China in export projects


Siveco China has established itself as the leading maintenance consultancy in the Chinese market, a market dominated by greenfield infrastructure projects. Drawing on this experience, Siveco has developed unparalleled ability to support Chinese Asian construction firms in all aspects of their CMMS project on the export market, from the tendering process (bid document preparation, support for clarifications), to data preparation and system configuration (early implementation stage up to FAT), to final delivery onsite in the target country (local implementation work with local Siveco teams and partners in most African countries).


Our project management experience with large infrastructure projects and our industrial know-how, unmatched among CMMS supplier, as well as our ability to work in virtually any country without any legal restriction are some of our strongest advantages.


Our service capability includes:


–  Maintenance engineering services
–  Data preparation
–  CMMS implementation
–  Mobile solutions implementation



We can bid for projects anywhere in the world, without any restriction (ongoing tenders or projects in Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc.).


Our back-office team is located in Shanghai (project and R&D team). The project organization currently employs around 40 professionals with engineering and/or CMMS background for all data preparation activities and deployment on site. Our teams are all bilingual Chinese-English, with a dozen of French speaking experts (useful in French-speaking African countries) and 2 Arabic-speakers. The global network of Siveco companies (around 1,200 employees total) can provide additional resources for projects if required.


Spotlight on Africa


Siveco is the number one CMMS supplier on the African content. In addition to a direct presence under the Siveco brand with a regional Technical Center in Tunisia (hosting a R&D center, as well as support services and a local implementation team), Siveco maintains a very strong network of certified service partners in most African countries. Many of our partners are leading maintenance service suppliers or IT companies in their own country.


Siveco maintains teams of certified consultants in the following African countries: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo, Djibouti, D.R. Congo, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Morocco, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, Niger, Reunion island, Sudan, South Africa, Senegal, Swaziland, Tunisia, Togo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Benefits of working with Siveco on export CMMS projects


If you are:


–  An Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (EPC)
–  An automation supplier involved with an EPC in export projects


and are facing CMMS requirements from your end client.


Your focus is to win the project, for which the CMMS represents only a tiny portion. Siveco takes full responsibility for all aspects of the CMMS part of the sales process:


–  Review tender documents and advise your team on how to proceed (free of charge)
–  Prepare CMMS bidding package that can be included in your own bid. We can work on very short notice and have complete proposals ready in a matter of hours, in any language as required.
–  Assist your team in discussions with end-client to close the deal


Our prices are very competitive and, unlike other international suppliers active in China, we are allowed to bid anywhere in the world without any further authorization from our headquarters.


The implementation approach


For more on Siveco’s approach for greenfield projects, see this article:


Successful references


The CMMS project for the RPII gas turbine power plant in Malaysia in close cooperation with automation vendor ABB and EPC company CNEEC:




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