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Flexibility of Coswin 8i

This month’s Tips &Tricks features the easy integration, mobility and flexible offering of our plant maintenance solution Coswin 8i.


Easy integration into the corporate information system


Today, maintenance processes are no longer limited to the factory or the maintenance department: they are collaborative. For this reason, Coswin 8i Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows for interactions with other applications and Siveco provides a range of standard tools to integrate the system into the corporate IT environment.





Coswin 8i is natively available in touchscreen mode for tablet users. Siveco also provides a range of mobile apps allowing maintenance technicians and warehouse personnel to work online and offline. For more on our bluebee® mobile solution, please see the product page.



A flexible offering


Siveco China offers various choices for the deployment of Coswin 8i:


On-premise license purchase: in this traditional model, Coswin 8i software license is purchased and installed on a server managed by the client.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): the usage of the system is provided as a service; Coswin 8i is licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted on Siveco’s secured cloud platform.


Siveco customers can choose the deployment model that best corresponds to their needs, in compliance with their IT policies. Siveco partners with Aliyun (AliCloud), a subsidiary of Chinese internet giant Alibaba, to provide fully-managed mission-critical cloud computing service.


This article is in a series of very short Coswin 8i Tips & Tricks deriving from Coswin 8i brochure and the previous parts of the series are available here:



The full edition of Coswin 8i brochure is ready to download here.


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