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Standard Reports Library

This article features the Standard Reports Library of our CMMS Coswin, an optional package which can be purchased and used immediately.


The development of these standard reports derived from International Standard for Maintenance (EN 15341 – Maintenance – Maintenance Key Performance Indicators) combined with Siveco consultants’ experience in the past 30 years.


The report package typifies “Best Maintenance Practice”, assisting different group of users (C-suite level, GM, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager and Engineers) in analyzing data from different angles, technically, functionally or financially. It would support your decision-making process, turning your maintenance data into tangible value.


Customer can directly apply these reports without further development after the Coswin system is ready. Any data can be exported from the database and displayed in different formats, such as: Excel, Word, PDF, CSV, etc.


The Standard Reports Library is a powerful tool to monitor maintenance related KPIs from different perspectives. The table below summarizes some typical reports, for reference only:


Failure Analysis: Display the top 5 failures by equipment category, equipment, defect, functions, action, cause, spare parts category, spare parts. Help maintenance team to analysis the failures.


Monthly digest: This report should help the general manager and the maintenance supervisor to have a better understanding of the current situation of maintenance activities and to figure out related trends.


Costs Follow-up: Display the maintenance costs by job type & maintenance costs by workshop. Help the maintenance team to follow-up the costs of equipment.


Maintenance Resources by Job Type: Support the maintenance manager to follow up the resources, to see which employee does more work for different job types.


Use of the system: This report is used to measure the activity recorded in the system in order to ensure that is the CMMS is used by the maintenance team.


The Standard Reports Library is an optional package, treated as a software license, with annual support fees guaranteeing access to future updates in line with the evolutions of Coswin and various improvements in the reports. Contact your Siveco sales representative for pricing.


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