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The bluebee® for WeChat mini-app


Siveco was among the first to utilize the industrial potential of WeChat: the first bluebee® for WeChat product was released in 2016, allowing incident reporting by anyone present in the facility by simply scanning equipment QR codes. Keeping up with the constantly evolving WeChat platform, in June 2019 Siveco released its latest WeChat mini-app.


bluebee® for WeChat is part of Siveco’s Smart O&M ecosystem, with the Android app for personnel executing complex tasks (also available with a Smart Glass plugin) and the central bluebee® cloud solution. bluebee® sync ensures data synchronization with other platforms such as CMMS/EAM systems like Coswin 8i or ERP systems like SAP.


The entire bluebee® Smart O&M suite is developed at the Siveco Shanghai R&D center, dedicated to mobility and IoT for Smart Operation & Maintenance, at the forefront of innovation since 2009.


In this Tips & Tricks article, we explain the two main scenarios for using bluebee® for WeChat.


Incident Reporting


With bluebee® for WeChat, any WeChat user (even non-CMMS users) can simply report problems with their phone by quickly scanning the equipment QR code. This favorably replaces traditional methods such as making a phone call to the maintenance department or, for CMMS users, logging into the system to create a work request. This easy-to-use WeChat solution motivates everyone to report incidents and help prevent disasters, in line with industrial best practices such as those of Lean Manufacturing (or TPM).


bluebee® for WeChat allows users to send a Job Request (sometimes called Work Request or Incident Report) directly by scanning the equipment QR code. The simple screen layout allows users to rapidly select or unselect predefined problem codes, to add a photo and input a short problem description. The solution ensures that useful, structured data is sent to the CMMS, in compliance with ISO 14224 – Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment, instead of useless text as too often happens with CMMS solutions.


Scan & Work


The bluebee® mini-app is designed for users dealing with simple repetitive tasks, such as cleaning routines, security rounds, assets inventory, patrols, HSE checkpoints, etc. Users simply “work & scan” to demonstrate compliance. Data is immediately synchronized centrally. No training is required and, as it runs in the popular WeChat environment, the bluebee® mini-app can be used on any smartphone.


The bluebee® for WeChat mini-app enables asset owners and operators to tap into new data sources previously hard to capture, to ensure:


Demonstrable compliance with regulatory or contractual requirements
Operational excellence
Asset performance


The solution allows managers and team leaders to monitor job execution, to identify non-compliance areas, to address gaps between strategy and implementation, and to act quickly to ensure smooth operations.



Customer references


MANE (, one of the worldwide leaders in the fragrance and flavor industry, has been using bluebee® for WeChat for Incident Reporting since October 2016. The solution allows anyone whose mobile phone is connected to the company network at the MANE manufacturing and R&D site, located in Shanghai Baoshan district, to report problems into the central database, with attached photos. Technical staff are also using bluebee® mobile, running on standard Android mobile phones, to manage their inspections and maintenance work orders. The solution runs on a Coswin 8i database (running at MANE since September 2014).


During the Go Live ceremony, MANE China General Manager Denis Raffaud created a Work Order by scanning the equipment QR code, thus officially pronouncing the official Go Live of bluebee®, emphasizing the use of the system at MANE both as a compliance management tool and as an improvement tool.


GSN Property Services ( is the leading German property management provider in China. GSN has been a Siveco customer using bluebee® since 2015. Currently over 100 properties are under GSN management. GSN clients include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, ZF, Comau, Bosch, Mubea, Yamaha, Kuka and many more. GSN has also recently implemented the bluebee® for WeChat mini-app. The solution is already up-and-running at the headquarters of a well-known tier-1 automotive supplier in Shanghai and will gradually be deployed to other facilities managed by GSN all over China.


According to Nimrod Abarbanel, GSN Regional Director for East China: “The bluebee® mini-app changes the way our stakeholders think about facilities management services. We are creating a better future with a totally different approach.”


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