Optimizing infrastructure maintenance in China: interview of Siveco China's Managing Director by China Paradigms Podcast

The China Paradigms Podcast conducted an extensive interview of Siveco China's Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau, in which Bruno shared his experience of how Siveco China optimizes infrastructure maintenance management in China and on the Belt & Road with maintenance consulting and Industry 4.0 solutions. China Paradigms is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where they interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China.
Highlights of this episode include:
●  How Siveco China helps companies optimize
●  Assets your company should have in place
●  Maintenance training and consulting
●  Intuition about the future use of mobile in factories
●  Start of bluebee® solution in China
●  Factory connectivity (connected factory)
●  Predictive maintenance hype: misguided applications
●  Industry 4.0 gaps
●  Challenges with the Belt and Road Initiative
The interview was conducted in English.
Click this link to watch the full interview video: https://daxueconsulting.com/optimizing-business-china/.
The interview is also available in Soundcloud and iTunes. China Paradigms also published an article and the full transcript of the interview. This post also appeared in their official WeChat account. In the coming months, Siveco China will publish extracts of the interview in Chinese in our Smart O&M newsletter.
About Siveco China
Siveco China (www.sivecochina.com), founded in 2004, is a pioneer in the development of Smart Technologies for the Operation & Maintenance of infrastructures and industrial plants, with a focus on mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow".
Long before the terms "smart" and "4.0" were coined, Siveco has been helping clients optimize the lifecycle of their assets and ensure regulatory compliance using IT. Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", the company has developed a unique approach combining expert maintenance consulting and innovative solutions designed in its Shanghai-based R&D center.
Siveco China has over 850 customer sites all over Greater China and on the Belt & Road, including ABB, Baosteel Metal, Beijing Environment, Capital Water, Carrefour China, CEPSA, CNEEC, CNOOC, COSCO, Fushun Mining, Engie, Everbright, GE, New World Development, Saint-Gobain, Shell, Suez NWS, etc. The company boasts a growing export business, working alongside Asian EPC companies and with international clients in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.
Siveco China has won numerous awards, most recently the prestigious Top Ten Enterprise for Asset Informatization Service by the China Association of Machinery Equipment Maintenance and Renovation (CAMER) and Best Industrial Software 2017 by Control Engineering China. Previous awards include Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2012, CHaINA Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013 and Engineers' Choice Awards by Plant360 in three categories in 2015.
Siveco is ISO 9001-certified by Bureau Veritas for its entire scope of business. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, where it also operates its R&D center, and has offices in Hong Kong. Siveco China is a subsidiary of Siveco Group, a European pioneer in computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).
Siveco China publishes the monthly "Smart Operation & Maintenance – for the worker of tomorrow" email newsletter (newsletter.sivecochina.com), bilingual English and Chinese, available to subscribers and online.
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