Novel coronavirus crisis: information on Siveco "Safe Business, Safe Office" action plan

In the midst of the novel coronavirus crisis, first of all we would like to express our best wishes for good health to our customers' team members and their families, to praise the courage of frontline workers, in particular doctors, and to salute our friends in regions most severely impacted by the virus.
The public health crisis emerged during the Chinese New Year holidays (normally off-work until January 31). As early as January 26, Siveco put its "Safe Business, Safe Office" plan into action, under the company's overall risk management framework. On January 27, China's State Council extended the national holidays until February 2 and Shanghai Municipal Government further postponed return to work to February 10, to prevent the spread of the virus. Strict travel restrictions are in place in various parts of China and in other countries. The situation is quickly evolving and we expect that our business, and that of our customers, will be further impacted as new regulations come into place, in China (Siveco China), in the Hongkong SAR (Siveco Hongkong) and in other countries (where clients are located).
The purpose of this announcement is to briefly outline our proactive "Safe Business, Safe Office" action plan.
-  With the health of our and our clients' staff as the first priority,
-  In compliance with regulations of China, the HK SAR and other jurisdictions where we operate,
-  To ensure business continuity for Siveco and our clients,
-  To build new strengths for when the situation returns to normal,
-  To assist clients with new services as needed.
Return-to-work dates
-  Support remains available at all times, as per contractual terms,
-  Siveco Hong Kong teams handling international business will resume work on February 3,
-  Siveco Shanghai teams will resume work on February 10.
Work safety
-  Siveco complies with all regulations in China and in the countries where we operate.
-  Since January 26, all employees report their health status and their location daily using our existing office management app. Accurate historical records can be shared with clients if needed, in compliance with Chinese personal data protection laws.
-  Relying on the project methodology and IT infrastructure already in place, remote work on projects will increase to around 90% (from the current 60%). Support is already 100% remote (with the exception of onsite audits).
-  The main Siveco Shanghai office will re-open on February 10 and operate in safe mode (airlock-like sanitized entrance, regular disinfection of surfaces, etc.). This comes on top of similar actions put in place by the building's management and more generally by the municipal government.
-  Most staff will operate from their home office (IT infrastructure already in place), unless absolutely necessary.
-  All travels require approval by HR and Managing Director. All staff authorized to travel, in compliance with all applicable regulations, will receive specific HSE training and be equipped with sufficient masks and sanitizing products.
-  We have confirmed that our health insurance contract covers for this epidemic. In addition, an emergency fund of 400k RMB has already been set up for employees and their families.
Business continuity
-  Knowing that the company has ample cash reserves from years of profitable operation and that all existing support and project commitment can be fulfilled, Siveco does not foresee any financial difficulty even in the unlikely event of year-long disruption of the business.
-  R&D effort will be increased during this period, to ensure we emerge stronger from the crisis. As a result, we expect the ongoing development of the new generation of bluebee® products will be accelerated.
Enabling our clients to operate and to improve during the crisis
-  Specific actions will be put in place to ensure that the special service needs of our clients during this crisis are identified and fulfilled. Overseas clients are managed by the Siveco Hong Kong, domestic clients by Siveco China.
-  Increased efforts to promote existing services such as online maintenance training (bluehoney), which would benefit client's staff, bluebee® for smart glasses for remote maintenance, etc. and to identify new needs that Siveco can fulfill.
For any question regarding our action plan, please do not hesitate to ask your usual Siveco contact person or
The beginning of the Year of the Rat has turned out to be very challenging for everyone, worrying about their health and the health of their relatives, facing travel restrictions or even quarantine, concerned about their livelihood. However, in times of crisis, the resilience of man is a wonder to behold, with selfless medical workers, brave soldiers, devoted officials, caring parents and children, generous people of all walks of life working together. Let's do our best together to make this Year of the Rat a great success despite the struggle! 加油!
About Siveco China
Siveco China (, founded in 2004, is a pioneer in the development of Smart Technologies for the Operation & Maintenance of infrastructures and industrial plants, with a focus on mobile solutions "for the worker of tomorrow".
Long before the terms "smart" and "4.0" were coined, Siveco has been helping clients optimize the lifecycle of their assets and ensure regulatory compliance using IT. Based on a long experience of "maintenance with Chinese characteristics", the company has developed a unique approach combining expert maintenance consulting and innovative solutions designed in its Shanghai-based R&D center.
Siveco China has over 850 customer sites all over Greater China and on the Belt & Road, including ABB, Baosteel Metal, Beijing Environment, Capital Water, Carrefour China, CEPSA, CNEEC, CNOOC, COSCO, Fushun Mining, Engie, Everbright, GE, New World Development, Saint-Gobain, Shell, Suez NWS, etc. The company boasts a growing export business, working alongside Asian EPC companies and with international clients in Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.
Siveco China has won numerous awards, most recently the prestigious Top Ten Enterprise for Asset Informatization Service by the China Association of Machinery Equipment Maintenance and Renovation (CAMER) and Best Industrial Software 2017 by Control Engineering China. Previous awards include Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2012, CHaINA Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013 and Engineers' Choice Awards by Plant360 in three categories in 2015.
Siveco is ISO 9001-certified by Bureau Veritas for its entire scope of business. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, where it also operates its R&D center, and has offices in Hong Kong. Siveco China is a subsidiary of Siveco Group, a European pioneer in computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).
Siveco China publishes the monthly "Smart Operation & Maintenance – for the worker of tomorrow" email newsletter (, bilingual English and Chinese, available to subscribers and online.
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