Another success for COSWIN 7i in a gas-turbine power plant owned by the world’s largest independent power producer


Siveco is pleased to announce that COSWIN 7i recently went live in another power plants owned by GDF SUEZ in France.

The 480MW gas turbine power plants, known as CyCoFos, has entered commissioning in March 2008. Commercial start is planned for October 2008. CyCoFos produces electrity for the French national power grid based on natural gases and exhaust gases from the nearby steel mills. COSWIN 7i was implemented during the construction of the plant, during which the entire technical database was built, including the preventive maintenance program. Today COSWIN is used on a daily basis for commissioning activities and early maintenance work. The implementation took only 5 months.

COSWIN 7i was already implemented a few years ago in a similar power plant, known as DK6. The 760MW combined-cycle power plant, located in an industrial park in the North of France, also implemented COSWIN during the construction stage, in time to start operation in 2005.

In both projects, COSWIN 7i was selected, in competition with other leading EAM solutions, based on its advanced functionality, its power plants references all over the world as well as Siveco's industrial-oriented service. In both power plants, the system is interfaced with an external document management system and the corporate ERP.

GDF, the world largest independent power producer, has recently merged with SUEZ, the world's largest private utility. Both have been Siveco customers for many years. Suez is already one of Siveco China's largest customers, using COSWIN to maintain waste treatment and water treatment plants in Shanghai.

COSWIN is currently in use in over a hundred power plants of various types (hydro, thermal, nuclear) all over the world. Recent projects also include 2×435 MW oil-fired units operated by Korean energy producer KEPCO, a 300 MW coal-fired power plant in Greece and several gas-turbine projects operated by Sogex in the Middle East.