Siveco China sign record number of new deals during the first semester of 2008


Siveco China continues to expand rapidly in the Chinese market, signing a record number of contracts within its target industry markets. Contracts signed this year include well-known customers such as Arkema (chemicals), Wagon Automotive (automotive), Ikea (retail, facility management), BBCA & Galactic (chemicals), Danfoss (compressors), and three major maintenance service suppliers and several of their customers (ongoing projects). In the same period, Siveco China received additional orders from existing customers and reinforced its cooperation with key industrial partners.

"We are pleased to see the market starts to recognize the value of our approach" said Bruno Lhopiteau, General Manager of Siveco China and a long-time player in the Chinese maintenance market. "For Siveco, the MMS is never an end in itself, but merely a tool for industrial improvement. We often said we are not an IT supplier, but a maintenance consulting company. Our people have a strong industry experience and can help customers deal with real-life issues. For example, we recently dispatched engineers to maintain an automated production line and train our customer's team. As it is, we have no competitor in the market – our only competition is from software companies. In view of the good results we have achieved so far, I would like to thank our customers, our partners and our great team of highly-motivated engineers. I am confident the second half of 2008 will be even more exciting for us all!"

In the same period, Siveco Group registered record sales numbers for the first half of the year, confirming its position as the largest European supplier of Maintenance Management System, far ahead of its competitors. The company continues to invest heavily in R&D, via its development centers in France, Romania and Tunisia. COSWIN 7i, which was one of the first full-web MMS solution to be released in the market in 2002, provides a future-proof technological platform for the development of a portfolio of advanced maintenance tools, while some of the other so-called "EAM" suppliers still use client-server technologies inherited from the 1990s. During the second half of 2008, Siveco China will setup R&D capability in China, focusing on new generation mobile solutions specifically designed for the needs of the local market.